Will Overman releases romantic single just in time for Valentine’s Day

A little more than a year ago, Will Overman was living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The singer-songwriter wrote on Facebook that he was jobless, raising a puppy and cut off from his support system in his adopted hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, where he had recently graduated from the University of Virginia. He was also confused.

Fast forward 12 months and Overman finds himself in a completely different place, literally and figuratively.

He is married to his dream woman, his puppy is now a dog, and he has a day job that not only supports him and his little family but also his music career. He and his wife, Janey, just bought their first house just outside Charlottesville.

“I am back in Virginia surrounded by a community I love and am pursuing music harder and with more joy than ever before,” he wrote on Facebook on December 31, 2019. “2019 was a year of growth and realization. I am sure 2020 will have its struggles, but I say bring it on. A new album, bigger tours, greater goals, and a whole decade of promise lie ahead thanks to your support. So here’s to you and Happy New Year!”

As promised, today Overman released his first new single of 2020, “Something To Hold,” which, appropriately, as it is Valentine’s Day, is a love letter to his wife.

“I wrote this song for and about my favorite person and partner, Janey Gioiosa,” he wrote today on Facebook. “Without her this song would have no words, no cover artwork, and honestly my catalog of songs would be about a quarter of the size it is now.”

I had the chance to catch up with Overman over the phone recently about his life changes and about his release of “Something To Hold,” which is now live on all streaming platforms.

He told me that Dave Stipe of Little Rhodie Productions, produced and engineered the track that is both haunting and heartfelt. Overman has matured a lot over the years since I first heard him perform at Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival in 2015. So has his music.

His latest release is more refined, more John Mayer than the K-Tel Southern Fried Rock sound I have come to associate Overman with but it still rocks. His unique voice almost purrs over the lyrics: “She gives me something She gives me something I can hold onto She gives me love, gives me love love love.”

That might just be the best Valentine a girl could get.

His latest musical release is also more polished than Overman’s earlier work in part, perhaps, because he is joined on the new release by Eric Knutson, Paul Rosner, Jason Kapp, Butch Taylor and singer Genna Matthew.

Happy listening and Happy Valentine’s Day!