Scythian, David Childers to play benefit for Water For People at Lincoln Theatre in downtown Raleigh on Aug. 4

By Lisa Snedeker

MerleFest and International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) fans listen up:

Celtic rock band Scythian and folk singer-songwriter David Childers have announced they will perform on Saturday, Aug. 4, in downtown Raleigh’s the Lincoln Theatre at a benefit concert for Water For People.

Doors for this all-ages show will open at 5 p.m. and the music starts at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $25 to $50.

Water for People is a non-profit dedicated to providing water and wastewater education, training, and service in an effort to protect public health and the environment.

“We are always excited to come back to North Carolina and Raleigh in particular hold a lot of great memories for us with IMBA and the First Night Raleigh show we’ve played,” explains one of Scythian’s frontmen Danylo Fedoryka (vocals, guitar, accordion).

“To link a return show to a great cause makes it twice and meaningful for us and we hope that people will come out and support a great cause.”

And while Scythian considers itself a Washington, D.C.-based band — Fedoryka and his brother, Alexander (fiddle, mandolin, bass, vocals), live an hour west in Front Royal, Virginia, this merry band of Ukrainian nomads (that’s what Scythian means) considers North Carolina its adoptive home state.

The other band members are sister, Larissa Fedoryka (Cello/Bass/Vocals), Nolan Ladewski (Whistles/Flute/Guitar/Vocals), and Fritz McGirr (Percussion/Drums/Vocals).

“Folks here are so appreciative of Appalachian music; I’d have to say it’s our strongest state,” Fedoryka told the Greensboro News and Record in 2017. “In no state do teens connect so strongly with our music as here, and if teens connect, you know it’s because it’s held in high esteem. People are so kind and relaxed and glad to see us. Every time we cross the state line, I get happy.”

Childers, a North Carolina native, released his newest album, “Run Skelton Run,” in May 2017.

Dolph Ramseur, manager of The Avett Brothers and founder of Ramseur Records, had this to say about Childers:

“I first saw David Childers perform on a hot, humid night in July 2000 at the legendary Double Door Inn in Charlotte, N.C. Most of the songs he performed that evening were filled with the subject matter of Jesus, damnation, salvation, the devil, forgiveness, and redemption. I will never, ever forget it. It was such an inspiration that the next day I wrote David a personal letter asking him if we could make a record together about those things in which he was singing about. We have been friends ever since. No record or manager contract. Just a handshake.

“It is my hope David’s greatness as a songwriter and artist will be recognized and appreciated by many in years to come.”