Old Overholt bonded helps welcome the ‘olds’ back to the front of the shelf

Bonded whiskey is quite the thing these days. Why not? It’s great whiskey that’s kind to the wallet.

Beam has a bonded Old GrandDad along with its signature bourbon. Heaven Hill has a couple, including Evan Williams and the recently released bonded Old Fitzgerald.

It’s an “old” thing that’s relatively new.

But now, here come the ryes, made from a difficult grain to distill but an easy one to taste.

Enter Old Overholt, from Beam Suntory. It’s a mouthwatering rye that comes with a budget-friendly price tag, coming in at 80 proof.

Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey ups the ante. It’s 100 proof, obviously, and aged four years, in accordance with the 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act. The caramel and vanilla from the barrel are out front, as is the spicy mouthfeel and fruity finish.

“Abraham Overholt (1784-1870),” says a news release from the distillers, “is known as one of the fathers of American distilling who took uncompromising pride in his product. When it came to making his whiskey, Abraham Overholt lived by three hard and fast standards – Work Hard, Stand Fast and Don’t Waver.

“People have been enjoying our Straight Rye Whiskey since the 1800’s. We’re one of the oldest whiskeys out there today, equally loved by your local barkeep and your neighbor down the street.”

To qualify for the BiB status, the spirits must contain liquid from a single distillation season.

“This was meant to keep distillers honest and guarantee the highest integrity whiskey for those enjoying it,” the release says

What’s great about Old Overholt, and all of the BiB offerings, really, is, as mentioned, the price. This one comes in about $25, and at 100-proof and wonderfully drinkable, that’s truly tough to match.