New release, Little Book, a bit of angels’ share in a glass

Pour Little Book into a Glencairn glass. Slightly part your lips and breathe in deeply. Get a full nose of this new blended whiskey from Freddie Noe.

Close your eyes and imagine you’re deep inside a rickhouse in Clermont, Kentucky.

It’s pretty easy, really.

Little Book, to be released in October, is the first offering from Freddie Noe, grandson of legendary Jim Beam Master distiller Booker Noe and son of current master distiller Fred Noe, who specializes in the distillery’s small-batch collection, which includes Knob Creek, Baker’s and, of course, the barrel-strength behemoth Booker’s.

Little Book, Freddie’s childhood nickname — after his grandfather, of course — is the younger Noe’s biggest step forward in the family business, the distillery says.

The limited annual release will feature unique blends each year. The inaugural release, Little Book “The Easy” is made of four uncut and unfiltered liquid streams, including four-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon, 13-year-old corn whiskey, and rye and malt whiskies, both about six years old, the distillery says.

This isn’t a bourbon but rather a nod toward the Canadian process, which produces smooth consistently smooth “whisky” from several distillates.

“Freddie has a curious palate and a passion for experimentation, so a blended whiskey was the perfect choice for his first release because of the limitless taste profiles that can be achieved through the blending process,” says the distillery.

Little book should come in about 120 proof, and it’s an extraordinary whiskey.

Vanilla and a cinnamon are clear on the nose. A sip brings a carmelly sweetness, with notes of honey, charred oak and peppery rye spice.

Water mellows the rich flavor of this whiskey. Drop in a cube or a couple drops if you must, but I would advise against it. This is a straight-up sipping whiskey, an angel’s share in a glass.