Listen Up: Annabelle’s Curse releases new video, heading back to studio

Annabelle’s Curse, one of my favorite music festival discoveries at FloydFest and Rooster Walk Music and Arts Festival, has released a new single/video, “You and Me Forever,” that was recorded during the 2018 Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion at Classic Recording Studio in the heart of the festival. They even invited some friends to stop by and record backing vocals.

In my humble opinion, this catchy tune harkens back to some of their earlier albums, notably “Worn Out Skin.” I hope you’ll take a listen and let me know what you think.The video was released March 14 along with a digital single on YouTube and all other streaming platforms.But even more exciting news is that I have it on good authority the band that calls Southwest Virginia home is heading back to the studio this summer.

“We are still hashing out producers/studios/budgets,” explains band co-founder and rockin’ guitarist Zack Edwards in an email. “But the material is definitely coming along! I’m not sure if it’s the album everyone is going to want or expect out of us but I think it is the one that is kind of writing itself. It feels good, and that feels right.”

If you want to catch the band live, check them out on April 6 at Wolf Hills Brewing Co. in Abingdon, Virginia, where they will be performing with another great Virginia band, The Judy Chops.

Here’s what I wrote about the band in 2016:

“The genre-defying Annabelle’s Curse hails from Bristol, but don’t mistake them for a “local” band. With the release of the new album, “Worn Out Skin,” this group is reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac minus Christie McVie. I have been lucky enough to catch this transcendent, genre-busting five-piece band at several festivals this summer including Rooster Walk and FloydFest. I wrote after hearing them for the first time, “Annabelle’s Curse doesn’t seem to be cursed as much as blessed with talent.” After seeing the group perform several times since, I think that’s an understatement. The band’s one-sheet doesn’t lie: “Annabelle’s Curse deftly sways from haunting and ethereal melody to unflinching and unforgettable rhythm and riffs. Like a sweet drink of rare whiskey, or that last delicious bite, Annabelle’s Curse entices listeners to gorge on a sound that can neither be wholly defined nor completely categorized. Musically and lyrically, Annabelle’s Curse draws from unyielding roots in Bristol. The lyrics — sometimes haunting, sometimes hopeful — are consistently eloquent and evocative, rare and irresistible.” Voted by fans as runner-up in the “On the Rise” band contest at FloydFest in 2014, this band poised for its national debut and you can say you “saw them when” at BRRR.”

Want to learn more about this talented group of young musicians? Check out this feature I wrote about them on The Huffington Post blog.