Booker’s ‘Backyard BBQ’ a slow, smoky sipper


The word conjures images wholly specific to the imaginer.

The device, be it a pit, smoker, or grill of any variety. The ultimate purveyor of goodness.

Think about all of this.

Then think about bourbon. Make it cask strength. Say, oh, close to 130 proof. Make it smoky and sweet. With hints of soft caramel, maple, honey and cinnamon, vanilla slowing making its way to the roof of your mouth. Mix this delicious combination with the aroma of a fine Cuban cigar.

Grab a rocker, now, and keep seeping that Booker’s. Light that cigar.

Bookers “Backyard BBQ” is the second release and iteration this year — Kathleen’s Batch was first — of this unfiltered and uncut behemoth. Composed of barrels from six locations and three warehouses, it’s the quintessential sipper. Master Distiller Fred Noe selected the barrels on a cold spring day, when barbecues were still several degrees in the future.

Master distiller Booker Noe loved barbecues. He called them “bourbon-ques.” It shows through here.

“Of course, Dad didn’t do anything small,” Fred says in press materials, “so his barbecues always included his famous pork chops, flambeed with Booker’s Bourbon.

“The color of this batch is a rich chestnut that reminds me of the beautiful thoroughbred horses that run at the horse tracks in the spring in Kentucky.”

It’s a slow drinker, for sure.

Brisket or pork butt. We’ll be here awhile.

Booker’s “Backyard BBQ” is available nationwide in limited quantities, at $69.99 to $74.99.